Lunchtime Play Leader 39 Weeks pa, 16.25 hours per week

To work as part of a team of adults including teachers and other support staff, to ensure that all children are safe and feel safe, to promote the learning and well being of all pupils; to take responsibility for the supervision, health and safety, well being and control of pupils during the midday break both during dining and play.

Summary of Responsibilities and Duties

Purpose of the job

Reporting to the Headteacher, The Lunchtime Play Leaders will work together as a team sharing responsibility for effective supervision of children during the lunchtime period.

Wherever possible the team will agree the necessary duties and rotas required to ensure adequate supervision.
Where issues arise, which cannot be resolved or agreed by the team the matter shall be brought to the attention of the Senior leadership team who will make a decision and act accordingly.

The Lunchtime Play Leaders shall work a number of hours determined by the Headteacher and specified within their contract of employment. This will normally be two or three and a quarter hours per day.

Job Description

  1. To supervise children in the lunchtime period in the dining area, play areas and school premises.
  2. To help children get their food, find a place to sit and eat their food in a comfortable, clean and friendly environment
  3. To engage children in appropriate and purposeful playtime activities in the playground, or the classroom if circumstances dictate.
  4. To assist the kitchen staff in preparing the dining area for children as circumstances dictate.
  5. To cooperate and communicate with the other midday supervisors so that rotas and duties are fairly shared and that there is consistency in our approach to children and towards behaviour
  6. To be equally and jointly responsible for the behaviour of children during the midday break including dealing with incidents of unruly or anti-social behaviour and to inform class teachers about children in their class if there are concerns or in order to enlist support
  7. To record any incidents which may give rise to further concern or complaint
  8. To report to the senior leadership team when  the behaviour of an individual or group of children causes particular or frequent concern or where an incident cannot be happily and fairly resolved
  9. To report to the senior leadership team any incidence or concerns around promoting good relationships. Reporting involves collecting as much information as possible about the incident, and reporting it as fully as possible for investigation and action.
  10. To ensure that Health and Safety procedures are followed including
    1. reporting any hazards to the Premises team
    2. attending to sick or injured children
    3. referring  accidents or injuries to children to the designated First Aiders and / or the school secretary
  11.  Adhere to the Keeping Children Safe in Education policy and the schools Safeguarding policy, including presence of adults in the school and grounds and ensure that persons on the premises, without permission or appointments are attended to, and asked to leave if necessary, in consultation with the senior leadership team and Premises Officer.
  12. To liaise with the Kitchen team regarding the provision, quantity, quality and serving arrangements for school meals.
  13. To understand about the special dietary requirements for individual or groups of children and to respect and support these requirements.
  14. To receive information about the special needs of individual children and to offer appropriate and sensitive support as advised by the from senior leadership team.

General responsibilities

  • Be aware of and support diversity and ensure equal opportunities for all
  • Contribute to the overall ethos/work/aims of the school
  • Appreciate and support the role of other professionals
  • Establish constructive relationships and communicate with other agencies/professionals
  • Attend and participate in relevant meetings as required
  • Participate in training and other learning activities and performance development as required
  • Recognize own strengths and areas of expertise and use these to advise and support others

Lunchtime Play leader: person specifications

Be able to

  • communicate clearly with children and adults
  • be able to write legibly
  • work flexibly and to recognise the specific demands of a school environment
  • work as part of a team and independently
  • take initiative, identify and solve problems
  • deal sensitively and effectively with people
  • respond appropriately to children in a school environment
  • Understand, abide by, contribute to and promote all Lee Manor school policies
  • engage young children in fun, safe, cooperative play activities

Have had experience of

  • working with primary aged children in an education setting
  • working with a very diverse range clients / customers
  • taking responsibility and having responsibility

Have knowledge of

  • how equality of opportunity can be supported and promoted through this post
  • how to promote good behaviour in  school
  • games and play activities which are safe and suitable for young children to engage in at school


  • be able to attend meetings between 3.45 and 4.45pm if required
  • be able to attend training off site if required


  • mobile to move quickly an easily around school including using playground steps and negotiating small furniture and fast- moving small children
  • generally candidates must meet Lewisham requirements for the post