Challenge Partners

Our school is a part of the Challenge Partners network.

Challenge Partners is a nationwide charity which was established to provide the best possible education to all our children.

We are a group of schools who believe we can achieve this when we harness the skills and knowledge that already exist within our schools.

All of the activities we have developed are designed to share the best of our existing knowledge and create solutions to new challenges. Through collaboration we seek to provide every school leader in our partnership with access to the combined wisdom of the education system.

We are able to do this effectively because our partnership is owned and led by its members and all members are currently employed in a school or academy. We decide together how we want to shape the organisation’s activity and direction. Together we are a world-class, knowledge-sharing community, and together we lead the way in school improvement and in helping to raise the standards of education for all children and young people.

You can find out more about Challenge Partners here

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