Equalities at Brindishe Schools

Under the Equality Act 2010, schools are asked to publish information about how their policies and practices ensure equality of access and opportunity for all children.

At Brindishe Schools, we gather information on children attending our schools in a census each term, which gives an insight into the demographic of our school communities.This includes a breakdown of gender, children with special educational needs, children entitled to free school meals, looked after children, ethnicities, languages, religions and beliefs. This information is available from the school office on request.

We use this information about our communities to help us identify any groups who may be under-represented or under-performing and plan to narrow those gaps.

The information below outlines how we demonstrate equality of access and opportunity for children in a number of key areas:

  • Admissions: Lewisham Council allocates places in our schools, with priority given to (a) looked-after children, (b) children with medical/social needs, (c) siblings and (d) those who live nearest the school. Please see our admissions policies for more information.
  • Attainment and Progress: Each term, we analyse attainment and progress data for all children, comparing results by gender, ethnicity, disability, looked after children, children on free school meals and children with English as an additional language. We compare the groups, identify any gaps and put targeted interventions in place to narrow those gaps, which is then carefully monitored.
  • Attendance: Children with barriers to good attendance are well supported to improve and the pattern of their attendance is monitored to ensure it is improving.
  • Clubs:We provide a wide range of both paid and free clubs, to ensure there are no barriers for children who want to take part. We audit our clubs each year and analyse uptake by gender and ethnicity. This is then monitored carefully to ensure balance.
  • Policy development: Issues relating to equality are considered carefully when a new policy is developed. We consult widely to ensure all groups have the opportunity to express their views.
  • Prejudice-related incidents: We report incidences of bullying, including those which are racist, homophobic, or relate to those with disabilities, to our governing body and Local Authority on a termly basis. These incidents are few and far between and when they occur, are investigated thoroughly in accordance with our anti-bullying statements.
  • Representation on school bodies: Our many teams of children (eco, buddies, young interpreters, leaders of learning) are carefully chosen to ensure a balance between genders and the many languages and ethnicities in our schools.

If you would like more information about equality practices at Brindishe Schools, please request a copy of our Equalities Action Plan from one of the school offices. The plan has been developed in consultation with all partners in our school community and outlines the key equality objectives for the school over the coming year. These are reflected in our school development plans.