Dear parents, carers, staff, governors and friends,

As this is my final newsletter as Headteacher of Brindishe Green School, I wanted to say what an absolute privilege it has been to be the headteacher of this wonderful school for the past 11 years. I would like to personally thank the incredible team of teachers and support staff who are so talented and dedicated and who make magic for children every day.

I also want to thank the senior leadership team: Lauren Campbell, Debbie Hughes and James Baguley who work tirelessly to support me, make themselves so readily available to parents and carers, are always so warm and approachable and work tirelessly as the backbone of the school.

I want to thank the very strong office staff who keep us all in check, are always available to help and support staff and our families, and manage an enormous workload with a ready smile. I’d like to thank the Premises Team led by Alex Casagrande, who make sure that school is always clean, safe and running efficiently. And to Aleks Piatkowski and Michael Payne, our IT managers who quietly ensure that our schools are constantly moving forward.

I’d like to thank the governors who give freely of their time and work very hard behind the scenes to support the schools. In particular, I would like to thank Spyros Elia, Chair of Governors who, as you know, is stepping down from his post this summer. Spyros has been a tower of strength for many years and has always had the best interest of all Brindishe children in his sights. He has also offered unfailing personal and professional support to me over many years and I am truly grateful to him.

I would also like to thank the two headteachers of Brindishe Manor (Gerlinde Achenbach) and Brindishe Lee (Lisa Morris) who I work closely with and whose friendship and professional expertise guides and supports me in my work. And of course I’d like to thank Dame Vicki who has been on this journey with me every step of the way and without whose challenge, support and expertise, we would not have been able to achieve everything that we have for BG.

Most of all I will miss our amazing children and the many families that I have met and worked with over the last 11 years. Thank you for your support with the children particularly those parents and carers who have supported on school visits, swimming lessons and sports competitions this year. It has been a pleasure to have got to know you all and I am so happy to be able to leave BG in the very capable hands of such a great team and of course, your new headteacher.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday and the very best for the future.

Year 6

Thank you to the year 6 children who leave us today. Thank you for working so hard this year and for such staggeringly impressive SATs results!

They performed ‘High School Musical’ on Tuesday and Wednesday and it was a very slick and professional performance from everybody - we really do have some very talented children in this school!

On Thursday, Year 6 attended their Leavers Prom. They dressed to impress and had the best time taking selfies and dancing to their favourite tunes!

Thank you to the Year 6 team who have really built the children’s confidence and belief in themselves this year and for the work they have done to prepare them for their future at secondary school.

This week at Brindishe Green

James Baguley and Debbie Hughes have been instrumental this week in making our Learning Outside the Classroom days such a success. The children have really enjoyed them so thank you very much for all you have done to make this special event possible.

On Thursday our children were treated to a special summer barbecue from Chartwells, our school meal provider.

A note from the office

Please remember to pay your dinner money in good time and in advance each week. As we approach the end of term all families should make sure they have a clear account.

Please also remember that if your child is currently in Year 2, they will not be receiving a universal free school meal from September unless your circumstances are such that you are eligible to receive free school meals.

Please contact the school office if you would like more information about this.

Lost Property

Please remember to take any lost property with you today including PE kits. Any unclaimed clothes will be recycled over the holidays.

Books please!

If you have any books at home that belong to Brindishe Green, please make sure you return these before the end of term so that we can check them in ready for their new classes. They will have a label inside the cover which says ‘this book belongs to Brindishe Green’. Thank you.

Fantastic Attendance

A huge well done to all the children across the school who have been in school every day. 100% attendance is quite extraordinary! A very special mention must go to the following children:

  • Marley has 100% attendance for the last 3 academic years
  • Marvin has 100% attendance for the last 5 academic years
  • Emmerson has 100% attendance for the last 4 academic years
  • Calliope has 100% attendance for the last 4 academic years
  • Rhoda has 100% attendance for the last 3 academic years
  • Zayan has 100% attendance for the last 3 academic years

Rights Respecting School

This week we are looking at Article 31(Leisure, play and culture):

Children have the right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities.

With this in mind, I wish all our families a wonderful summer break and all the very best for the future.

Best wishes

Sarah Gorbutt  

Term finishes today and school will be open to children again on Wednesday 5th September at 8.55 am when Gerlinde Achenbach will be the new headteacher.