This Week at Brindishe Green

Dear parents, carers, governors, staff and friends,

In less than two days, this academic year will be drawing to a close, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Brindishe Green community.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Brindishe Green staff. They are a dedicated and talented team and have worked   tirelessly during a national pandemic, not only to continue to improve the education we are providing at Brindishe Green, but also putting in place many different measures and adhering to restrictions which have enabled us to keep our school community safe and well.

Thank you parents for working with the school throughout this period and for all the positive comments, phone calls and emails of gratitude and appreciation for what the school was able to provide during this time. We really have appreciated your support and kindness. To add to this, a special thank you to parents for adapting to all the changes, including taking on remote - learning in the way you did and ensuring that our children remained safe, happy, and engaged during the Lockdowns! We have also appreciated the constructive feedback from parents that allowed the school staff to reflect and adapt throughout the ever-changing ebb and flow of this global pandemic.

Let us not forget the bravest of all… our wonderful children. A massive well done to all our children who remained focused on their learning (in whatever shape or form this took). During this year, we have seen our children grow in resilience and learn to deal with so many unprecedented situations. We have developed our curriculum and enhanced our enrichment opportunities which has created smiles and excitement for learning. Well done children of Brindishe Green, we are proud of you all.
To our Year 6 children who are about to leave us for their next phase of education; you have been super stars. This is not what we envisaged for you at the start of Year 6, but you have demonstrated such positivity and resilience throughout, and we are proud of your achievements. You will not be remembered as the COVID -19 cohort because to us you will forever be the warriors of 2021. We hope you will enjoy the fitting farewell which is being planned for you.

Finally, we wish you all a happy, healthy and safe summer break. Best wishes to all the families moving on, we wish you well.

To everyone else, we look forward to welcoming you back in September for another successful year and many more learning and enrichment opportunities for our children.

Best wishes,
From Rachel Waite, Kate Porter, Maxine Sebire and all the Brindishe team

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